Bordeaux wines embarked on a three day, three city US wine tour to bring their wines and a new perception to distributors and consumers in Houston, Washington D.C. and New York City.
The creative request for the tour was to establish a name, visual identity and event design based on the Bordeaux Wine Council's ask of transforming the perceptions of Bordeaux wines among those aged 25–50 while still honoring the inherent duality of heritage and modernity. Ultimately, it was important to convey the diverse range of varietal offerings, as well as to increase long-term sales among experts and beginners with Bordeaux’s capacity for innovation, sustainability and accessibility.
Based on these ideals and thorough research, the general concept of Bordeaux Undiscovered was designed. The logotype comprises letterforms that intentionally “disappear” at intersecting points, alluding to a moment of discovery. This concept of discovery continues throughout the typographic treatment, as keywords and phrases delineating the environment appear with finely outlined type that eventually reveals itself in full color. Macro photography was chosen to evoke an environment that makes the audience feel as though they could reach out and touch a wine glass or feel the dew of a grape rather than staring at a far-off landscape. Beyond the modern treatment of typography, bright duotones complimentary of each wine color were chosen as a vibrant photographic treatment to bridge the long-standing tradition of winemaking with a modern U.S. market.