Civil Squared was built on the idea of getting un-likeminded people talking again. They believe "that's how, together, we’ll create the most effective solutions to the challenges our communities face. Today’s problems won’t be solved by silencing disagreement. Civil discourse is essential to building and maintaining a free and prosperous society. A truly free society requires not just free exchanges of goods and services, but a free exchange of ideas."

Civil Squared's branding was inspired by the idea of conversation, especially conversation that doesn't feel one-sided. After multiple rounds of explorations and sketches, two facing speech bubbles incorporated seamlessly into a single logotype really spoke to the client. This design was selected amongst 6 other branding options through a contracted design competition.  The color palette was carefully selected to feel welcoming, modern, and most importantly, not polarize an audience like so many other political branding systems out there. Playful, bold and legible type were selected to start the conversation. One of my favorite aspects of this branding was creating a grid system to support other graphic elements, based on the idea of lots of different conversations happening simultaneously—you can see this grid system highlighted in social media and other marketing materials.