Lost Girls Vintage is more than just a vintage clothing business, it's a mindset. “It's about unapologetically living a fearless life of fun and adventure. About never giving up, following your dreams, and breaking all the molds. It's about knowing yourself, loving yourself, and confidently presenting your true self to the world.” 
With this in mind, the Lost Girls logotype was born. While their pieces run the gamut from Victorian garments to clothing a Spice Girl would be proud of, the ultimate design inspiration for their updated branding comes from Winnie, the ’76 Dodge RV that the store was originally run out of. The vibrant color palette originates from the bright orange found on Winnie the van and compliments the fun loving nature of Lost Girls. The logotype is inspired by Winnie’s birth decade and is kerned, sliced and refined to create a seamless and unified look. The eight lines making up the logotype speak to Lost Girl's diverse interests in clothing, each flowing into the next and connecting through fluid movement, much like the roads Winnie found herself on in the early years of Lost Girls.