The mission of Omega Mikes is to provide easy access to wild caught seafood of the highest quality, while supporting fishermen dedicated to sustainable practices and the health of our wild fisheries. In pursuit of fulfilling their mission to supply you with the healthiest and best tasting wild seafood in the world, we first had to confront the root problems that exist in our industry. Upwards of 65% of the seafood consumed in the United States is imported, and nearly half of that is produced via aquaculture. Equally alarming, it is estimated that 20–30% of the fish sold in the US is mislabeled. When it comes to salmon, 75% of it consumed in the US is farm raised. Farmed fish are a giant threat to our wild populations. Omega Mikes is dedicated to combating these pitfalls in the industry and bridging the gap between consumers and sustainably and ethically harvested, wild seafood, straight from the rich waters of the Last Frontier.

The owners of Omega Mikes came to me with a problem to solve, "How does Omega Mikes exist as a brand? Who is Omega Mike?" After a few iterations of "Mike" we eventually landed on a hand drawn face with a troller subtly nestled in his beard, inspired by a mashup of two of the co-owners faces and the boat they fish on. The rustic feel of the hand-made marks lend themselves to typography with a complimentary grittiness, paired well with colors straight from the Alaskan waterscape that Omega Mike's fish are sourced from.

To add interest to the branding suite, a collection of nine drawn graphic elements representing each species of fish caught and sold were commissioned, as well as complete art-direction, photography shoots, design and production of print, packaging and merchandise. Front end web design rounded out the final brand package.