The Annex is a gallery and events space located in a low-profile brownstone tucked into the coveted Logan Square neighborhood of northwest Chicago. As the space was being renovated, a branding identity was requested: something bold, expressive and adaptive that could stand on its own while being able to taking a backseat in marketing to support content in the gallery.
Taking a cue from the space itself, The Annex’s logotype was designed to expand and contract according to its outside margin, not unlike the brownstone structure, stuck neatly between two taller buildings. The interior letters of “N” “E” and “X” alternatively expand and contract in-between the two stable “bookends” of “A” and “X” on either side, as well as offer themselves up as adaptive frames within which content can be supported and highlighted, reflecting the ever changing gatherings and experiences within the space.

The bold, almost masculine font eludes to the tough Chicago brick exterior of the venue’s facade but takes a backseat as needed within compositions for artwork or events to take center stage. Alternatively, the more whimsical Didot compliments and softens the boldness of its typographic neighbor. Together these live within a 12 column grid structure, frequently divided into four quadrants that create strong and memorable compositions.

Lastly, a mixture of intermediate and tertiary colors make up this unique color palette, reflective of the diverse range of offerings and gatherings the space will inevitably be hosting, allowing corresponding marketing materials to adapt as needed while sticking to a broad suggestion of options.